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Unlocked – Writing the Perfect Reflective Essay

A lot of students ask the elusive question of how to write reflective essay assignments in such a way as to receive a high grade. It’s definitely something that’s difficult to do, but it’s possible. Understanding the various aspects can teach people how to write reflective paper assignments. Once these vital skills have been learned they can help with mastering a number of different essay types.

What’s it All About?

Understand exactly how to write a reflective degree paper by grasping exactly what this sort of essay is designed to test. It’s a unique type of essay in that it’s not driven onwards by endless facts and pieces of evidence. Advancing one of these assignments forward is about evaluation and personal experience.

What examiners are looking for are examples of evaluation. Students should be looking back at a certain event or a certain experience and looking to see what could have been done better. People are not looking for a story of the perfect student, they want the writer to be acknowledging that they have made mistakes and that they are searching for a way to achieve self-improvement.

Picking the Topic

Pick a subject that actually involves some degree of challenge. There’s little point in choosing something that went off without a hitch. Make sure that there were some challenges and some difficulties involved. If anything, the more difficulties there were the more material the writer has. Of course, positive events can still be chosen as acknowledging success alongside failure is just as imperative. But it’s mainly about improvement because if something went well then there’s probably not going to be that much room for improvement.

Here are some examples of topics that can be used for the purposes of writing a reflective essay:

  • Climbing a mountain.
  • Organising a charity event.
  • Managing a sports team.

Structuring it Correctly

Structure is something that often gets left at the bottom of the pile. Don’t ignore it because it influences everything. There could be five perfect points that would warrant a high grade in almost any scenario. The only problem is that because the structure is so disjointed the reader can’t understand a thing. Examiners and tutors that can’t understand what an essay is trying to say won’t be interested in attempting to understand it. The only way in which they will respond is with a low grade.

The key to a reflective essay structure is to make it simple. The answer to how to write a reflective essay comes in the form of simplicity. An easy structure of introduction, body, and conclusion is often more than enough for the purposes of one of these assignments.

Plans Not Acknowledgements

Acknowledging that something could be done better is the first step, but it’s not going to win much praise from the reader. No, it’s all about actually writing down what could be done better. After the initial acknowledgement a brief plan should be mentioned for actually sorting out the problem.

For example, if there was a problem with constant arguing within a team project this would be acknowledged. The student would then go on to mention that they could avoid this in the future by listening more. If it’s the case, they may even admit their own faults by saying that they joined in the shouting and just forced down any opposition.

There’s nothing wrong with self-criticism. In fact, part of learning how to write a reflective degree paper comes with learning how to be self-critical. Tutors appreciate it when students can demonstrate this sort of high level of maturity and professionalism.

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