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Choosing the best ideas for descriptive essays

Descriptive essays may not initially seem that exciting, because you do not have to argue your own point of view, and you’re not learning new information because there is no research required. However, it can be interesting if you can come up with some descriptive essay ideas that mean something to you.

This type of essay requires you to describe something (usually a person or animal, object or place) in intense detail. If you have a few different ideas for your descriptive essay, try making a table to show you which one you will find easiest to talk about. Write your possible subjects down the left, and then do columns with colors, feelings about your subject, and the sequence you would follow. The sequence is the order in which you would talk about aspects of your topic. For example, if you’re describing a person, you may describe them from head to toe, or vice versa.

In your introduction, give an overview of your subject. Give your reader a broad view of your subject, ready to move into the finer details later in your essay. This is also a good time to give them an idea of how you feel about your subject overall. Then it’s time to look at the sequence you worked out, and break it down so that each section becomes a paragraph. Make sure in each paragraph that you give a reader an insight into your feelings about that aspect of your subject, but remember that it is far more interesting if you show them rather than simply tell them. Describe the smile that your subject puts on your face, rather than telling your reader that it makes you happy. A reader can also tell a lot about how you feel just from the manner in which you write about your subject: if you talk affectionately, they will know you love and care about the subject. If you write with a hint of nostalgia, they will know that the subject is something from your past that you care about and miss.

But what do you do if you’re completely stuck for descriptive essay ideas? Well, there are plenty of topics you can choose. If you feel that you would enjoy describing a person, pick someone with a lot of character and interesting qualities, because remember, you have to go beyond just a physical description. Choose a family member or friend that you feel strongly about. Try to avoid being too negative about a person, especially if it a classmate or even worse, your teacher, because it’s not nice to say horrible things about someone. If you want to write a negative description, it would be better to write about a place that you really dislike. The good thing about writing about places is that they allow for plenty of multi-sensory descriptions, allowing you to appeal to the reader’s senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Multi-sensory descriptions will make your reader feel like they’ve been transported to the place.

Good ideas for descriptive essays if you wish to write about a place could be a sports stadium, if you’re a passionate sports fan, or maybe a place of worship. Anything that inspires strong feelings will be best to talk about. Remember that you need to be able to inspire the same feelings in your reader, so you will want to use plenty of emotive language. If you allow the reader to understand how you feel, they will feel like they’re not only getting to know the subject, but getting to know you too, and they will enjoy your essay much more.

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